I have been operating from my home office with mobile trailers since 1983. I don't have a show room because I am always on every job site with my crew. We try to provide a turn key install so you don't have to get other contractors or shop for equipment. We use the same National Distributors for Pool Contractors so we get outstanding products and service to provide you the best expierence and pool.
Set up an appointment for a site visit so we can discuss what kind of above ground pool or deck you want. We also, sell and install San Juan Fiberglass Pools and Spas.
If you live in the City Limits, look online for City requirements or leave it to us to install your pool and deck to Code.
We replace liners, pumps and filters, even Kayak Liners, as well as inground too!
Call us NOW at (254) 519-3435  If we are on the phone or away from the office: Leave a message with your Name, Address, Phone Number and we will return the call as soon as possible. It's Worth the time to get Chimney Pro to install your pool. Enjoy it for many years to come.

  1. Tommy Thompson
    I am the owner and General Contractor, licensed in Cities throughout our area. I will work hard for you on your project. I have been in business in Harker Heights and Killeen since 1972 and Chimney Pro since 1983. Trust that I will be here for you
  2. Melba Thompson
    My wife doesn't want me to use her picture. She has retired from a financial institution and works to answer our phone, keep we organized (which I make it difficult for her) and tries to help me manage my time.
  3. My Team
    I have my friends as my sub-contractors. For years they have worked with me. All of them are very skilled. Travis Muniz, Paul Muniz, Randy Madueno, Chrystal Braunberger. Chrystal owns Chrystal Clean Pools (pool cleaning business) @ 254-319-2343